Thursday, April 17, 2008

First intoduction with GuruDheva

I am here to say how I felt bad in my past life. I never had a serious in my life and I was taken as it and I did not care anyone or any good or bad thing and I went as it.
But what happened is after I completed my engineering I was searching of the job.
I could not clear an interview and I was failed in most. Every one of my home and friends are scolding me and they told me that you are waste. But I don’t what wrong in that thing and I could not to do. It everything went in bad. Since I don’t believe in God my parents told that pray the God and you will get job. I could not understand why these people are saying to pray to God and how he will give the job.
One night I was studied about the saints who have connection with God and what they ask the god comes and gives whatever they want. Since in our community Guru is the God because he shows the path to God. I was wondering and thinking you see GuruDheva I don’t know where are you. But I am thinking you that you are in Rishikesh. If really God wants to become his devotee give me what I ask you in this life. For that proof I asked him about the thing is keep one rupee coin under the pillow in the night while I am see the pillow the coin should be there. After that I checked the bed thoroughly and under the pillow also there was nothing. I promised him that I will come to Rishikesh and I will meet him once my wishes have been full filled. I slept peacefully on that day. After a long time I slept peacefully. I forget what happened in the night and I took bath and I went to outside in the morning and I came back in the afternoon I thought I would go for a sleep in the afternoon. I was laughing at me that GuruDheva is just hum buck and it is just a dream of mine. But my inner mind said to check the pillow I really astonished that I found one rupee coin under the pillow. I thought that some one has kept the coin. So I called my father and mother and I asked them who has come to the room whether some one has kept money under my pillow my mother and father and my sister told me that they never came to my bed for past one week. But I kept silent what happened since I could not believe or whether it was a dream I don’t know. So I want to give a test whether really GuruDheva has come in my life for my guidance? So what I taught I went to my friends place and we use to play the cards. I was about to leave from the game since I was loser. I thought in my mind that GuruDheva if you are there make me to win this game. It happened I made all the people to lose the game and I won the game. After that I started to believe in him very much. I became selfish and I thought what all I will ask he will give me. But he gave me everything and he taught me good lessons I will tell you later about this. I release that I should not be greedy.
What I learnt in this is
1. if a saint and Guru comes believe in him don’t bet with him
2. Don’t be greedy in your life.
3. don’t use your wishes for unnecessary for bad things,

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