Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Cleaner For You

hi i went to this website and i read this one.

Cleaner For You

Many a times people have asked me on how to erase their browsing history, temporary internet files etc with just a click so that it is not available to people who use that PC again.

It is quite usual for adults to visit sites which of course they would not want their children to visit. But unfortunately many still dont know how to remove the visible traces that are left on their PC after such visits.

For them and for all others who want optimum usage of their PC, I would recommend the most useful utility the CCCleaner

It's very effective as it frees up disk space by cleaning up unused as well as temporary files, cookies, recycle bin, Windows hot-fix files, old prefetch data, history and cache files in many applications such as Internet Explorer, firefox , opera and many others. It also checks the Windows Registry for invalid entries and cleans them too.

While installing CCcleaner I would recoommend to uncheck the Yahoo tool bar option if you dont want the toolbar to be installed, personally speaking, I dont like yahoo toolbar, it sometimes creates problems with the browsers especially If you are using old IE versions.

After installation ,when you first run it you can find the cleaner icon on the left hand side. Click on it and on the right side under the windows tab as well as the applications tab select all the options and click the run cleaner button.

you can also clean your registry of invalid entries by clicking on the Registry icon on the left side and selecting all the options on the right window and then running the cleaner.

So browse happily wherever you want to and before shutting down the PC just run the CCcleaner and have peace of mind for rest of the day.

Download CCCleaner

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