Tuesday, May 6, 2008

giving me to GuruDheva

yesterday i was thinking that madan what told me how the life he acts accordingly and what he thinks.
he told me that he gave his life to god and he is just enjoying the path set by him. he told me that he knows everything and he knows what he has to give us and not to.
if you give him all and your mind will become free and you can enjoy the path of life without worrying anything.
In dream i was thinking that whether i can give all my things to GuruDheva upon condition to him that everything should go fine. he should make to sustain and enjoy all things what it is happening. i saw the movie kadavul arai en 305.
the god will tell him that Accept the pain which was told by buddha. if you accept the pain you will learn more according to suitavation.
So i could not decide what to do. whether i have to give full control to my GUruDheva to control all my life for one year to set right all. i am going to put condition to him that he should make to work to clear all my loans and what are all money to whom i have to give i should clear then i should live happliy with my parents.
i should buy or bulit a very big house in chennai, i should have lot of money, i should take my parents to all divayadesam in this country as well as abroad. i should take them to Abroad and they should see all. my feelings is that i should become one of top multimillionre in this world. Most of the persons should know me. i should help to the people.
i dont know but my inner mind or i dont know outer mind is telling me that dont give your full control to GuruDheva. why i dont know it is saying like that whether it is showing the ego. I am saying and thinking that GuruDheva is GOd to me and he will not leave me at any point of time . i a sure in that one.
So i have decided to give me full to him and tell him to take care me and he should show me the path to clear all my loans within 2-3 months from today. he should solve to separate Anu from me and she should not give disturbance to Vanitha family. I could not continue with anu since she is not human being and she is having lot of selfishness in her life. she always thinks and told me that she does not like to get advice and no one should advice her.
if some one does that thing she will get angry and she will fight to anyone. To overcome all these problems and i am planning to become saint in my mind from today. my first target is to clear all my loans. To solve all these problems GuruDheva should come and he should stand in all place to save me. So i have decided to give me full to him and one more thing is that he cant do bad for me since i am going to indepth again trusting him he will not leave me i know that he will give me lot of money and other things.
so for this sake from today i will not bite my nails i will not do any bad things. i will concentrate only on my work only. so i have decided and i am going to do this today before sleeping night. he will give me the memory to do so at night.
i have started to give him step by steps from yesterday night and i am doing ok. these are the points which is from my side.
1. i should think and act twice before doing.
2. i should be very bold.
3. everyone is telling me that i am lying they should not they should tell to others that ia m telling the truth only.
4. Everyone should love me and they should show the care to me.
5. my mind should be like saint and i should look all the things in a single view.
6. my investment should be perfect and i should get lot of money and i should clear all my loans within 2 months.
7. i should get rid of anu and i should live peacefully.
8. lot of temples and tours i should do.
9. i should have a very big home
10.Lot of money i should have and i have to do perfect investeme.
11.Lot of people i should contact and they also feel that i am very important person.
12.i will ask.

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