Monday, May 5, 2008

learn more

we should learn more in this life. every one thinks in this world that i have learnt and i am doing good. but the real fact is that we should learn more in this world.
i will tell you with one story. one day a wood cutter went to forest and his job is to cut more tree and send to king palace. one day king visited the jungle and he saw the wood cutter and he asked why he is not cutting the trees and he is sharping the axe? he replied that if you want to cut the tree your axe should be sharp since i am daily cutting the tree the sharpness in the axe is getting destoryed and i should put more effort to cut the trees. so i if i sharp the axe weekly once i can put the same effect to cut the trees in future also. Like that we are thinking that the knowledge what we acuried is quite ok and we are continiouing the job. But one day like that Axe we will stuck in the tree. to avoid that we should update our knowledge daily or weekly basis so it will be useful for us to over come all problems. so read more and aquire knowlege.

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