Thursday, May 8, 2008


A man walked into the bar and saw an old friend of his, drinking by himself. Approaching his friend, he commented, "You look awful. What's wrong?"

"My mother died in May and left me 25,00,000," the friend answered.

"Boy, that's tough," the man replied.

Continuing, the friend said, "Then in June, my dad died leaving me 50,00,000."

"Gosh, both parents gone in such a short period of time? No wonder you're depressed," said the man.

"Last month my aunt died and left me 10,00,000," the friend added.

"That's a lot to deal with. Losing three close family members in three months, is terrible!" replied the man.

"Then this month," continued the friend, "nothing! Not even a single rupee!"

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