Thursday, May 8, 2008

he is there

yesterday night. madam spoke to my father and he told that he is going to screw up the sir and other things. i am very clear that i should clear all the debit with sir and i should cut it there. madan clearly told to my father that he want to cut the sir by now then we will deal all the things.
he want to clear then we will target them so as to safe me. i am clear that GuruDheva should help me and he should give me the power and courage to face the sir and to cut him. i dont want anu in my life and he should help me to clear all things in one shot to go with it. i am planning to give a clear debit in this matter.otherwise i cant go ahead with this.
after that he said he will counter all the others in this matter. GuruDheva should help me and my parents and madan should not leave me in trouble they should help me to solve all. I am praying to GuruDHeva that chelli should not leave vanitha and she should not get any problem. he should be very safe and no one from her family should disturb her. Everything is there in his hands only.
i should clear all my debits and i should come up in life. i am planning to apply for closed PF from oracle as well as tech mahindra and i should get the money to be transferred to my account and i should pay all my most debits. he should guide me to do so. i am planning to invest again in stock market and this time i am going to hear his words only and we should clear all the things within 2-3 months.
By his grace and blessing i should clear all the things and i should buy a home,car and i should visit to Rishikesh to get the glimpse of my GuruDHeva in my life. i know that he will do all the things he has given me all and he is teaching all the facts about the good and wrong in my life. i am learing day by day and he is making my mind in a set of saint so i can with stand all and i will come up in life.
with his blessing i will take my parents in world tour with him. he will guide me all the things in his right way and he will not leave me alone. He will be there in such way that he will solve all the problems and he will do the things so. till now why i am living is only of GuruDheva only. He is supporting me to do so.

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