Wednesday, May 7, 2008

yesterday night

Yesterday night i was speaking to madan. i was telling him about the zen saint. he was asking who is zen saint and i told him that like our saints they are from buddihsam.
he told me about the ramanar who lived in thiruvannamalai. i went to his place while i was studying in diploma and i liked him very much. he told me that he has written one book asking who you are.
i am asking you the same thing who you are? what you will say . my name is so and so.
but you have given name to the body. but who you are? you will say legs,eyes and all parts of the body. but it is parts of your body but who you are ?
can you tell me. the same question again arised me to think. he told me that he will give one book written by him just read and reliase that one. so i am planning to read that book.

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