Tuesday, August 12, 2008

How to Face HR Interviews?

How to face HR interviews. They are asking why you leave old company and what are your weaknesses what are your strengths?

The simple answer without any hesitation should be: Tell that there is no more testing and you are in the company just to develop the
test cases and execute and report bugs (something like this as per your nature of work).
Usually, HR interviews are just to see how spontaneous you are. But they don't go into the detail much. So without changing facial expressions, just tell them spontaneously something like above one and makeup. This doesn't mean anything to you or them. They just ask to see how spontaneous you are. Let them write your answer on a piece of paper, but it is not an issue. No need to think about it.

Posted by Rupa

Then the HR person, who meets regularly with the HR person from that company (or just called them before your interview) will either terminate your interview (because if you can lie to her about you past employment you can lie about having other knowledge too) or continue and you will not get a call back.
Why is that such a difficult concept for people to understand? You have to tell the truth when you file
defect reports so it should be a natural extension for you to do so when interviewing.
> Usually, HR interviews are just to see how spontaneous you are.
No they're not. They're designed to determine what skills and knowledge you have. To see if teh credentials that you report in your resume (or C.V.) are congruant with you when faced in person.
> But they don't go into the detail much. So without changing facial expressions, just tell them spontaneously something like above one and makeup.
No lying is no way to get a job. Ever. Anywhere. Under no circumstances should you "makeup" anything in any interview. There have been many jobs that I have held where months after I have been in place I found out that my previous HR manager and the HR manager at my current job have a regular meeting or are part of an informal network and speak regularly. There is an understanding that when certain companies are listed, you are call those HR people. I have also received e-mails from HR people--out of the blue--asking if I would come and interview for positions because my name was mentioned by a past HR person.
DO NOT LIE. It's not only a good, ethical practice, it's common sense.

Posted by Walter Görlitz

You are right, if the position is a permanent position at the end client. But is not the case, I guess, if it is a contracting position. Do you think so? The smallconsulting companies who are interested in making money at any cost, only will ignore the true answer. Some who just think about their name and fame, may think that placing such people will make them face some problems in business relations. In this case, I don't think a truth will not work. Do you think if it is easy to find who is who among those two categories? I doubt, the placements for such poor people who say "in worst case scenario", that "Because I screwed up something, I lost my job" which is a truth. Sometimes "Loosing job" may also happen though the working person is very careful following all the company procedures but gets involved in a crisis without his knowing that something is happening and finally gets the blame. This may be due to some miscommunication between the team and non-performance of superiors. Or if there is a new manager and want to establish his own team (the process is just look for a blame on team one by one and remove one by one from job and recruit persons whom he knows from old company, in a slow process). In these scenarios, people cannot just talk on their superiors even though they are out of company, after loosing the job. What's your opinion on these as you mentioned that you did some HR interviews?

Posted by Rupa

I am saddened that anyone thinks that lying is the right way to get any job--contract or permanent. I am mortified that someone would offer this
advice publicly.
It does not matter if your employer is unscrupulous, you need to maintain a level of integrity and honesty. Life (and to a lesser extent work as it is only a subset of life) is not a game to be won at all costs, it's a responsibility to be fair with every other person on the planet. I don't know how large the software development and
testing market is where you live, but every time your lies are uncovered, you burn a bridge. And as I said, there are connections in the HR and testing world.
There was one tester who worked at a company I was working at. He didn't lie about his skills--he was a good tester--but he didn't work very hard. Two companies later, his resume came across my desk. I responded directly to him and asked him if he wanted to let his name stand knowing that I know his works habits. He never responded. My point is that you are not alone in this world and your actions in one place will affect future job opportunities in both positive and negative ways elsewhere.
If you do very well, co-workers will remember you and will be offered jobs in the companies in which they find themselves because they will mention your name for jobs. This has happened to me often. If you don't do well, you will have to interview for positions.
There are ways of telling the truth without coming out looking bad. Everyone understands that there are differences of opinion. If there are a lot of those on your resume, chances are that you will likely have one again, so don't use that "excuse" too often. As I said, the truth is always easier to defend than a lie.

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