Tuesday, August 12, 2008

QA Career is it Good?

I am planning to take QA testing training and get a job. How is the market? Is it easy to get a job in QA market?
What I feel is its not that easy to get a job as a fresher in testing. If you have 1 or 2 yrs experience then its ok otherwise its bit difficult.

Posted by Tamil

I am in QA for last 1.5 years, and I have found the career very enjoyable and rewarding. Its an emerging field and definitely has got good career prospects.

Posted by Uday

This would be the case for every fresher of all fields so don't hesitate and jump into the field. It has great potential ahead. Some time some where you would be fresher and after that an experienced.

Posted by Sanjay

The very first question I would like to ask you is why you want to come into this field? If you are coming in this field only because u see many openings in this particular area nowadays then I think your decision is wrong. Because I am sure after six months you will see lot of openings will be in the market for dot net. Then you will think of shifting to dot net. But if you really interested in testing or QA then you must try for a job. Learn some basic concepts of testing rather than going for any tool directly. There are lot of books available in the market as well you will find lot of stuff on the net.
If you really have the desire than definitely you will get it no matter what is your previous background and experience.

Posted by Girish Konnur

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