Monday, August 4, 2008

Yesterday I went to Kanchipuram

Yesterday with Blessing of God and GuruDheva I went to Kanchipuram to get Darshan of Divyadesam.
I have visited 16 divyadesam and i have given below.
1. Sonna vannam Seitha Perumal & Komana valli thayar.
2. Astabujanga Perumal & Sri Pushpavalli thayar.
3. Alagiya Singar - Thiruvetkai & Amudavalli Thayar.
4. Vilakolli perumal - Thupal & Maragadavalli thayar.
5. Olagalanda Perumal & Aravalli Thayar.
6. Niragathu perumal
7. Karagathu Perumal
8. Karvanna Perumal
9. Oragathal Perumal
10. Vaikundanathar Perumal (paramesvara vinnagar) & Vaikunda valli.
11. Pandavathuthar Permul & Rukmini Thayar.
12. Pachaivannan Perumal & Maradavalli thayar.
13. Pazhavanna Perumal & Nallvalli thayar.
14. Nilathunda Perumal
15. Varadaraja Perumal

I thought i should go to the first to varadaraja perumal then to others but in my mind both God and GuruDheva told me to first all then come and see him at last. Really he smiled at last when i went to see him. I hope he asked me to get his darshan due to bad and unwanted time created by some to me. So he and GuruDheva has taken the pain from me and he saving me. I am waiting to go to abroad. thats why he told me to come and get his darshan so i could not have any dosha or something bad. He and GuruDheva gave me the blessing yesterday. I know that GuruDheva is very much happy on me and he is solving all the problems. since as I promised and some times my ego did not allowed with selfness i need more. But God could not wait for me to come. So he came to me by pain and revelied me that think and accept him and told me in my mind with GuruDheva that trust him he will solve all the things and he will take care me for all.

After I have accepted and kept trust on him, Everything he does not want to me leave me and he is waiting for me to do lot of good jobs through him to the temple.
I know that he will show the path to clear all my loans and earn and give to temples.

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