Monday, August 11, 2008

you are there for me.

GuruDheva and God . I went to bangalore on friday evening . now a days i am feeling that you are both are there and helping in lot of ways. i thought that bus charge will be 350 rs i have to spent but i went for 220 rs to bangalore. i slept peacefully in bus. I was happy in bangalore with my wife. i could not feel happy or sorrow there. i hope that is really you are showing to me. I am expecting my visa but till not it has not come. could you please arrange and send to me. please you are the only hope to me. The salary i got was less i hope so. But i think you are only giving to me. Please let me go there and work fine. I should not get any problem and my wife should accept. I have to clear all my dues before coming to India and I should buy a new home from there itself.
while i was returning also i got the ticket and i slept peacefully and came to home and started to office at ontime. Thanks to you both. I know that you are both is there for me and you are taking care for me. i have started the Nail biting again and i have to stop that one again.
Please help me to get the visa stamped and to get the passport.

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